These are the six buyer turnoffs every seller should know about and fix.

Though your home may be beautiful, some things will immediately make a buyer dismiss it. I’m sharing six buyer turnoffs that sellers need to be aware of in today’s market:

1. Dampness or wet areas. Studies show that 70% of buyers are put off by these, so if there’s any dampness, whether in your basement or bathrooms, repair it right away. This could also be a health hazard to you while you live there. 

2. Odors. 56% of buyers are turned off by any odor, whether it’s from pets, dampness, smoke, or something else. 

3. Dull light or darkness. 54% of buyers polled said it’s difficult to view a house when it’s dark, so ensure all your fixtures have bright light bulbs, pull up the shades, and make every room bright before showings. 

“Before you put your house on the market, walk through each room with a buyer’s eyes.”

4. Clutter. 15% of buyers say they are discouraged by any clutter in the home. Before you put your house on the market, walk through each room with a buyer’s eyes, and clean and declutter. 

5. Outdated bathrooms. Bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in a home. Make any little updates or fixes wherever possible, whether that’s repairing the faucet, adding new light fixtures, etc. Do anything you can to make bathrooms feel brighter and updated. 

6. Over-the-top decor. While home staging is crucial, don’t overdo it. When buyers are walking through the house, the more floor space and less clutter, the more appealing it is. Keep it simple and orderly. 

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